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May 26, 2012
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BlueMetabee rocked SkullCandy back and forth.

" what happend? "
I looked them.
SkullCandy seemed to be crying.

" Puru went missing...
not the body...
her medal is gone... "
BlueMetabee shook her head,
" when we found her, her eye was compeltyly shattered,
and she had scrapes all over her body.
We think she was attacked by the
" MEDAL THEIF " as humans call it. "

" who would do that to a Medabot?! "

" I do not know...
But we need to come up with a game plan.
SkullCandy refuses to robattle with me and TickTock in the tournament until Puru has been found...
and francly,
I am not thrilled by the idea that one of my best friends has been kidnapped... "

" oh yes...
Team Kingdom is going to fight in the tournament in a few days...
do you have a plan to find the medal? "

" we're going to search the place Puru was attacked....
we can find her medal or a trace of it... "

SkullCandy tried ot wipe the tears from her eyes and looked down at the floor,
" ... can ... can we go now?... "
" sure Skully.... "


after about an hour,
BlueMetabee and I gathered a search party.

In it was BlackDeath, Pincer, BirdRodent, Freebird, Calafina, and of course Lilium.

" okay, you all know what to do right? "

BlackDeath flipped me off,
as he does with everyone,
Pincer nodded,
BirdRodent and FreeBird ran off with Calafina chasing them,
and Lilium nodded.

" ... good. I guess.... ^^; "

BlueMetabee spilt the group into pairs.

Pincer and BlackDeath,
BirdRodent and Freebird,
Calafina and Lilium,
me and SkullCandy,
then she's search alone.

" oh joy,
I REEEALLLLYYY wanted to work with a ZOMBIE. "

" you're lucky I am to depressed to be angered at you,
cretin. "
SkullCandy snapped.

" calm down! good god... "

" okay, my SISTERS medal was STOLEN, and you want me to CALM DOWN?! "


" meep! "

SkullCandy stopped dead in her tracks..
not literally...

" what the hell was that?! "

a medabot, looking like a female knight,
hoped out from the tree.

she swung a duo-sided spear and aimed it at SkullCandy's throat.
" who are you? "

" we could ask you the same the thing! "
I piped.

the femme glared at me,
but nodded,
" I suppose it's only fair...
I am Knightaur.
I roam around the woods.
Now, who are YOU? "

" I'm BlueWarbandit,
some people just call me BlueWar though.
The Kilobot you're about to kill there is called SkullCandy. "

" a Kilobot, you say?
hm, I thought you were a Sailor multi type... "

" as if. "
SkullCandy rolled her optics.

Knightaur drew her sword back and shook her head.
" allow me to show you around,
you look lost. "

" actually, we're looking for something. "

" oh? what might that be? "

" a lost medal. "

Knightaur seemed to tense up.

" describe the medal or the Medabot/Kilobot it belongs to... "

" the medal has a hornet on it,
with a ninja star in the background.
then the Medabot was a violet hornet,
with ninja stars and swords on her wings. "

Knightaur turned her head away,
" ... have not seen that Medabot ... I am sorry... "

SkullCandy raised an invisible eyebrow,
" are you sure?
if you live here shouldn't you see everything? "

" I do not live here, I have a home...
but I do roam here...
mostly at night... "

I shrugged and grabbed SkullCandy's shoulder mounts,
" well nice to meet you Knighty,
let's go back Skull. "

SkullCandy glared at the ground the entire time we walked,

" what's wrong? "

" I... I suspect Knightaur KNOWS something about Puru... "

" ... excuse me? "

" she was suspicious!
she turned her head away from us as if hiding something! "

" ...
you're just going crazy from sadness... "

SkullCandy kicked me in the knee-cap and ran off.



" WHY YOU! "

I aimed my battle rifles at her,
but she was out of range.

I sighed and limped after her.

Maybe we'd get more clues tommorow.
an old story I decided to continue.

part 1-

I would have made it longer, but
I need to start cleaning my dorm.


SkullCandy~ [link]

BlueMetabee~ [link]

Lilium~ [link]

Calafina~ [link]

Freebird~ [link]

BirdRodent~ [link]

BlackDeath~ [link]

Knightaur~ [link]

and of course BlueWarbandit
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BlueMetabee May 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha dipshit B3
Thats my bro
Did you find anything?
MedabotPuru May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I do not trust Knightaur -.-
TFFangirl May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wasn't she your daughter BlueWar?
or step daughter?
Jonathanxbrass2 May 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Jonathanxbrass2 May 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wow this story is amazing :jawdrop
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